Reviewing the Reporting and Analytics Team

by Scott Weaver / 2014-02-15

The Reporting and Analytics Team will largely be responsible for the generation of standard defined reports and visualizations based on information that is captured in the database. Through this...

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Reviewing the Web App Team

by Scott Weaver / 2014-02-14

The Web App Team is pretty much responsible for what you are currently looking at! Their task for the semester is to create a well-documented site map, and build a highly usable, responsive design...

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Reviewing the Database Team

by Scott Weaver / 2014-02-13

Benefiting from a strong database model created the previous year, the current Database Team will look to validate and update the data model as deemed necessary. Since the database will be a...

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Reviewing the Sensor Data Team

by Scott Weaver / 2014-02-12

In order for you to obtain a better understanding of the Intelligent Water Project, we will be releasing a series of blog posts summarizing the designed purpose of each team. The first team that we...

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