Installed Units in 3 pumps

by Scott Weaver / 2015-07-23

Three units have been installed. Two should currently be sending data to upsidewireless. These two are in the field. There is a third unit that was initialized at the WV base, it is currently...

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Reviewing the Mobile First Team

by Scott Weaver / 2014-02-16

Of all the groups for the IWP, the newest is the Mobile First Team. This group is responsible for the creation of an Intelligent Water mobile app to be released for Android and iOS devices. Given...

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Reviewing the Reporting and Analytics Team

by Scott Weaver / 2014-02-15

The Reporting and Analytics Team will largely be responsible for the generation of standard defined reports and visualizations based on information that is captured in the database. Through this...

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Reviewing the Web App Team

by Scott Weaver / 2014-02-14

The Web App Team is pretty much responsible for what you are currently looking at! Their task for the semester is to create a well-documented site map, and build a highly usable, responsive design...

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