With the current state of infrastructure in rural zones of Sub-Saharan Africa, logistical difficulties have hindered agencies from collecting data that is critical to successful planning and implementation of water management activities. In an effort to overcome these difficulties, the Intelligent Water Project is partnering with World Vision to transform the current method of data collection into a system that will automatically capture and organize data about hand pump functionality from both sensor and human sources. Under the IWP, hand pumps will continue to deliver water to communities where it is urgently needed, while collecting data to store in an Internet-based, secure database. A suite of cloud-based web applications will access the secure database and allow users to perform different kinds of well and pump data analyses. Some of the analyses conducted by the IWP application suite will include:

  • Quality Assurance/Quality Control to identify potential malfunction of sensors.
  • Flagging of errors in sensor reporting.
  • Application of statistical methods to validate information collected.
  • Volume of water drawn with respect to time of day or season.
  • Fluctuation of water levels in particular areas and trend analysis of information with respect to parameters like time or location.

Ultimately, such data collection and organization will be instrumental in leading managers, technicians, and donors to make more informed decisions. Through the IWP, visibility of pump performance will be improved, allowing for greater ease in maintenance and reporting. Moreover, with an Internet-based, secure database, IWP will provide a one-stop source for storage and access to hand pump related data. By fully embracing a Christ-centered work ethic, the IWP seeks above all else to demonstrate the love of God by volunteering its services to tackle the root causes of poverty and provide safe water to those in need of it.

IWP will radically change the management of hand pumps in rural zones of Africa.

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IWP Contributions

The Collaboratory Project Management and Development

Messiah College's Collaboratory is responsible for the creation, development and management of the Intelligent Water Project.

Messiah College Project Management and Development

Messiah College is responsible for the creation, development and management of the Intelligent Water Project.

World Vision Project Sponsor

World Vision is graciously sponsoring the Intelligent Water Project.

Desert Research Institute Data Research and Analysis

DRI is working with Messiah College and World Vision to Analyze the data retrieved from the Intelligent Water Project and using its data for future research and development.