Did you know
that 36% of handpumps in Sub-Saharan Africa
do not deliver water to their communities?



The Intelligent Water Project (IWP) will transform traditional handpump installations. IWP ensures that handpumps will continue to deliver water to communities where it is urgently needed while collecting, analyzing, and automatically send- ing status reports to community members and African technicians to improve reliable water delivery.

The Difference A Pump Can Make

Installing a Pump

When a community installs a new pump, more people can gain access to clean water.

Providing Water

Pumps provide people with access to clean water. Without a community pump, people may have to travel for miles to reach water.

Pump Maintenance

When a pump is installed, a water committee is formed to manage the pump and ensure the pump is fixed when needed.

Irrigating Fields

More than just providing clean water to drink, a community pump provides water for irrigation.

Welcome To IWP

With the current state of infrastructure in rural zones of Sub-Saharan Africa, logistical difficulties have hindered agencies from collecting data that is critical to successful planning and implementation of water management activities. In an effort to overcome these difficulties, the Intelligent Water Project is partnering with World Vision to transform the current method of data collection into a system that will automatically capture and organize data about hand pump functionality from both sensor and human sources.

IWP will radically change the management of hand pumps in rural zones of Africa.

IWP Student

From the field